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Our Mission:

Facilitate the funding of climate action in order to do our part in alignment with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5 degree temperature limit.

Who We Are

We are a group of enviormental traders on a mission to support climate action around the world. We recognize the difficulty in decarbonization and are doing our part to help (with emphasis on the global south) move towards a net zero world.


Through our diverse team and international business experience, we guarantee highly responsive and effective business relationships with our stakeholders. 


Cetee Group will go above and beyond to cater to their clients needs and support them in their net zero journey.

Wind Turbines

Our Strengths

Our Experience

We work with blue chip project developers and investors who have been active in the carbon markets for over 17 years. Our partners participate in both compliance and voluntary markets and are handling 100+ million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per annum.

Our Verification

We ensure that all of our projects are registered and verified by industry leading standards such as Gold Standard and Verra, and go through rigorous third party due diligence to control social impact and enhance economic value.

The Benefits

Our focus is on high-quality “permanent” offsets and removal projects with tangible co-benefits that include measurable and verified positive impact for local communities (minimum 5 SDGs). Our product offering currently spans six continents, where local partners are selected with the highest ethical standards.

Our Flexibility

We deliver a global carbon mitigation portfolio at a competitive price with bespoke structured trades including volumetric and pricing flexibility. Additionally, we accompany customers through the entire process of purchases, all the way from selection to retirement.

Core Values

Decision makers

A source of added value to our service is our connection to high ranking decision makers.


We are committed to collaborating with numerous stakeholders who share our vision of accelerating climate action.

Quality of life

Our goal is to improve the quality of life in the global south through the funding of climate action projects that help preserve their ecosystems.

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